SBCAE Members

In the two year planning process faculty, classified staff, students, coordinators, administrators and other staff (as well as contracted consultants) worked hard to develop the SBCAE’s Three Year Plan, not representing only the interests of each of none individual institutions, but looking at the critical need for expanded and innovative adult education in our region as a whole.

Assuring that resources support the implementation of the plan will mean that decisions must be made by all members. AB104 outlines how members’ representatives are appointed by each member’s Board of Trustees. Our charter describes how representatives are chosen, what their role is, and how we members participate in decisions, per the requirements of AB104.

Current Board Appointed Representatives

Representative Role Member
Usha Narayanan - Director, Adult and Community Education Co-Chair Campbell Union High School District
Kishan Vujjeni - Dean, College Transitions & Extension Programs Co-Chair San Jose-Evergreen Community College District
Traci Williams - Director, East Side Adult Education, Alternate: Kathy Frye Alternative: Rep East Side Union High School District
Brenda Carrillo - Director, Santa Clara Adult Education, Alternate: Christine Berdiansky Alternative: Rep Santa Clara Unified School District
William Watson - Executive Director, Center for Economic Mobility, Alternate: Lynette Gray Alternative: Rep San Jose-Evergreen Community College District
Mae Conroy, Director, Off Campus Special Programs Rep West Valley-Mission Community College District
Valerie Jensen - Dean of Language Arts and Library/Academic Tutoring, Alternate: Rob Gamble Alternative: Rep West Valley-Mission Community College District
Peter Mac Donald - Principal, Silicon Valley Adult Education, Alternate: Norma Martinez Alternative: Rep Metropolitan Education District
Greg Barnes - Director, Secondary Education, Milpitas Adult Education, Alternative: Giuliana Brahim Alternative: Rep Milpitas Union School District