Annual Plan

SBCAE 20-21 Annual Plan

In response to the directives from the state's Californian Adult Education Program's office, the South Bay Consortium for Adult Education prioritized the goals and objectives identified in the Three Year Regional Plan for Adult Education, and identified what activities would be supported for 2020-2021 school year. Our faculty, through our Consultation Council and our program area Work Groups, and our Transition Specialists provided critical input. This Annual Plan was approved by the SBCAE Steering Committee on July 31, 2020.

SBCAE 2020-21 Annual Plan Final

SBCAE Annual Plan for Adult Education 2019-20

Also here are the Project Area Work Plans for 2019-20 which specify strategies and outcomes.

SBCAE Annual Plan for 2019-20 - Project Area Work Plans

Archived information about previous annual plans follows:

SBCAE 16-17 Annual Plan (.pdf)

The State has released the regional consortia allocations for 2015-16 for the remaining funds (after MOE allocations) from the Adult Education Block Grant.

Download the Schedule for Regional Consortia Allocations (.xls)

The CCCCO and CDE, with the advice of the executive director of the State Board of Education (SBE), worked together to establish a formula to allocate funds to the regional adult education consortia. The formula followed the guidance set forth in Assembly Bill (AB) 104, Section 39 (Chapter 13, Statutes of 2015), which established the Adult Education Block Grant. The Governor's Budget Item 6870-201-0001 appropriated $500 million in total funding for this program.

Previously, the CCCCO and CDE, with the advice of the executive director of the State Board of Education (SBE), certified $336,867,867 as Maintenance of Effort (MOE) allocations, which were posted previously.

Download MOE Allocations (.xls)