Adult Basic and Secondary Education

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Our faculty and curriculum specialists have been working to create alignment between the two systems. We want all of our students who move from adult schools into the colleges to be prepared for success in college. Our five adult schools have been working to align current courses of study to the College and Career Readiness Standards, and we are exploring how to use the same curriculum in order to be consistent and even "portable" for our students.

Thanks to the dedicated faculty of both systems who worked to contribute to the Three Year Regional Plan for SBCAE. Each member selected representatives, working with their Academic Senates, faculty collective bargaining units, and other faculty leaders. These faculty members know the critical importance of Literacy, Basic Skills and Adult Secondary Education (including High School Equivalency Certifications). College and Career Readiness is central to these programs, and our plan, validated by the work with our community partners, targets innovative contextualized practices to fill gaps, better align systems, and joint professional development for teachers.SBCAE Faculty Work Group Rosters for 2018-19 and Nine Project Plans Summary for 2018-2019.

October 5, 2018 Faculty Work Group Meeting 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Overfelt Adult Center (Directions),1901 Cunningham Ave., San Jose, CA 95122

Nine Project Plans Summary for 2018-2019

Project 3 – Basic Skills (PDF)

1. Restructure work group – add additional collaboration time

Meet in subgroups next year

Smaller groups, special foci – e.g. common assessments, common core standards, college readiness rigor

2. Align core course competency across adult schools

3. Align/articulate adult school courses with community colleges – respond to what AB705 proposes

4. Assure preparation for post-secondary

5. Explore standardizing graduation requirements

6. Explore subsidizing HSE (e.g. pilot at Santa Clara Adult)

7. ABE transition curriculum and strategies

8. Map assessments and transition strategies HS to credit college; ABE to ASE transition (CASAS is mainly for ESL students)

Organization Faculty
Silicon Valley Adult Education
Campbell Adult and Community Education Christine Auran, Co-chair Jennifer Smith
Milpitas Adult Education Joseph Baiza Giuliana Brahim, SC Support
Santa Clara Adult Education Mary Taylor Christine Berdiansky, SC Support
East Side Adult Education Ann Solovsakaya Glennis Cameron
San Jose City College Jennifer Nestojko Azar Sioshanshi
Evergreen Valley College Huma Saleem, Co-Chair Binh Vo
West Valley College Michelle Francis
Mission College Sarah Sullivan Valerie Jensen, SC Support